Make Money Through Clickbank Affiliate Marketing in 2022

Have you been wanting to Make Money Through Clickbank Affiliate Marketing in 2022? Are you new to Clickbank affiliate marketing and want to get started? Do you want to make money using Clickbank? If you answered yes, then read this guide.

In this post, I’ll show you how to promote makeup or beauty-related goods on Clickbank to earn money. This strategy does not necessitate the creation of a website or the creation of videos.

Most importantly, no money is required to use this strategy. You can also get traffic by using other people’s material.

Step – 1
A Clickbank account is required to begin Clickbank affiliate marketing. Fine if you already have a Clickbank account. However, you must first create a Clickbank account. So, go to and sign up for an account.

It’s pretty easy and straightforward. Simply enter your nationality, first and last name, phone number, email address, and password. Your Clickbank account is now complete. However, in order to make an account password, you must adhere to their guidelines.

Step – 2
After opening your Clickbank account, you must select a product to promote. So, head on over to the Clickbank marketplace. There are numerous product categories to choose from. However, you must select beauty-related products for this strategy.

So, search for beauty and you’ll find a plethora of beauty-related things. Now you can select any product you wish.

After selecting your products, click the promote button to obtain your affiliate link. However, if you want to select the greatest items from Clickbank, you must consider three factors. They are as follows:

Initial/Conversion Rating
Rebill/Recurring Points
Gravity Rating

Step – 3
Let’s go on to the third step. In this phase, you must create a simple landing page to promote this deal. Your post or remark may be suspended, withdrawn, or deleted if you use a direct affiliate link.

As a result, I always advise creating a landing page. You include your product’s affiliate link on the landing page. Go to and create a landing page with this site.

You can also create a landing page using Google or Blogger. You, however, do not use the straight affiliate connection. And the sales page will provide you with all of the information about your products.

Step – 4
You must now go to There are several copyright-free videos available here. The best part is that you can get these videos for free. Then, look for beauty-related keywords here.

There are a lot of videos here. All of these videos are completely copy-righted and royalty-free. As a result, you are free to download and use these videos as your own. Now, select and download videos.

Step – 5
Now for the final phase. In this phase, I’ll discuss traffic. You can market your offers if you can create traffic. As a result, this step is critical for you. Go to now. Create a business account here after that.

You cannot upload videos here unless you register a business account. As a result, you must set up a business Pinterest account. You must create a Board after registering an account. Following that, you must make a Pinterest pin.

Then you must upload movies and change the title of your pin. Then, in the destination link field, include your landing page link. After that, add beauty-related hashtags and publish.

This will increase visitors and purchases. But don’t expect an immediate result. You will frequently post two-thirds of your videos here. You should see results within 20-25 days.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

Any sane affiliate marketer knows that ClickBank is one of the best digital marketplaces on the globe. It has literally assisted a number of suppliers and affiliates in becoming billionaires.

This global e-commerce platform, which debuted in 1998, is still in use today. In fact, marketers are still attempting to sell/promote things on ClickBank 23 years later… and it shows no signs of abating.

But, in 2022, is ClickBank truly all that it’s cracked up to be? Or are marketers stuck in a rut, blindly following one another?

To make an informed decision, examine the benefits and drawbacks of being a ClickBank affiliate. Fortunately for you, we’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of them below.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Pros

ClickBank is a reputable platform that has been operational for over two decades and is not a fly-by-night scam. This is quite comforting. There are numerous horror stories of platforms that suddenly exist and then vanish, leaving unpaid affiliates in the lurch.

ClickBank, on the other hand, has never missed a payment in over 20 years. So you’re safe with them, and your commissions will arrive on time. You must pick whether you wish to be paid by check, direct deposit, or wire transfer.

a wide range of items
While the majority of the items on ClickBank are digital in nature, they cover a wide range of niches from weight loss to survival to gardening and more.

They recently enabled physical things like health supplements to be sold on their marketplace. With these supplements, both vendors and affiliates are making a lot of money.

One disadvantage is that ClickBank’s search capability could be enhanced. Navigating all of the items might be time-consuming and inconvenient.

High-ranking officials
Unlike Amazon, which pays its associates (affiliates) a meager 4 percent to 5 percent commission on most products, vendors on ClickBank will pay you anywhere from 50% to 100% of the sale.

This makes marketing ClickBank’s choice an extremely profitable possibility.

However, one cannot deny that Amazon is a sales juggernaut built to sell. On this trustworthy platform, it is easy to turn visitors into consumers.

Digital product promotion is likewise more difficult, and the visitor will demand more convincing. ClickBank vendors simply do not have the same repute as Amazon.

So you’ll need to use a good page builder to design a landing page, and a trustworthy autoresponder to add visitors to your email list… and have an email marketing plan in place to further persuade them.

It takes a little more effort, but the rewards are considerably greater.

Low entry barriers
It is quite simple to become an affiliate on ClickBank. After you register an account, you will be able to obtain hoplinks (affiliate links) and begin marketing the products immediately.

Remember that with lower entrance barriers comes increasing competition. This is a two-edged sword.

Some of the more popular items may necessitate vendor approval. As a result, you must contact the seller and explain why and how you want to advertise their items.

It’s also crucial to understand that not all products on ClickBank are created equal. There are many outstanding products… but there are also numerous duds. This disadvantage is to be expected given that this site lists hundreds of products.

Products with big claims, hollow promises, and obvious hyperbole are not uncommon. All of this is done to entice clients and get them to part with their money while delivering a product/s that does not live up to its claims.

As an associate, you must have a keen eye and be able to pick the wheat from the chaff. Ideally, you should buy the product and use it before recommending it. Instead of naively advertising the product, you’ll be able to market it more effectively if you understand what it’s all about.

ClickBank is popular among affiliates because to its ease of use. The platform tracks your sales, monitors refunds and chargebacks, and automatically delivers you your commissions.

It is a hands-off process for the affiliate, who can concentrate on marketing and promotion. While ClickBank’s tracking is adequate, you’ll want to supplement it with a program like ClickMagick for more accurate and analytical tracking.

Stats such as earnings per sale, conversion rate, gravity, recurring billing, and more are also offered. With these statistics, you’ll be able to determine whether or not a product is worth promoting.

However, one minor drawback is that the ‘gravity’ stats can be a little misleading. Affiliates frequently only want to market things with a high gravity. They frequently fail to recognize that there is fierce competition when promoting these best-sellers.

Furthermore, products with a lower gravity are frequently found on pages 4-7, and you may be tempted to disregard them. However, some things hidden in the deeper pages were formerly big sellers.

The fact that they now have a lower gravity does not imply that the product is no longer good or sellable. It simply implies that affiliates have ceased marketing them, and as a result, their ranks have decreased.

These past ‘best sellers’ usually still have legs, and you’ll be able to earn a lot of sales from them while competing with less. Give them a chance and don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Cons

While there are numerous benefits to becoming a ClickBank affiliate, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of.

Repeat refunders
All ClickBank products must provide a money-back guarantee. While this helps to increase conversions, it also means that those who want something for nothing will buy the goods and immediately request a refund.

Because the products are frequently digital, it is simpler for them because they do not (and cannot) need to return the thing. Chargebacks and refunds may reduce your commissions as an affiliate.

This is another another issue that many new affiliates experience with ClickBank. It will not harm you if you are a successful affiliate with an active account and daily sales.

However, if you’re still a newbie making the occasional transaction, you may end up paying penalties if your account becomes dormant.

Even if you have a positive balance in your account but haven’t generated any sales in 90 days, ClickBank will consider your account dormant and remove $1 every day. After that, it increases to $5 per pay period and can reach $50.

You might have some commissions that have been lowered to $0. That may make you uncomfortable… and it’s understandable. But that’s all part of the game. When you first start out, you should select a lower payout threshold and strive to become a proficient affiliate as quickly as possible.


Finally, I’d want to point you that this is an excellent Clickbank instruction for beginners. If you’re a beginner or an expert, follow this lesson to achieve the greatest results. As a result, I strongly advise anyone to use this strategy.

I hope you enjoyed my article on Make Money Through Clickbank Affiliate Marketing in 2022.

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