Making Money From Clickbank – The One Simple trick

So, how can you make money with Clickbank? Combining Adwords and Clickbank has to be one of the most common ways, however that’s already out of date, especially with the Google slap’slapping’ so many sites.

I’m presuming you’ve already done your homework and identified a product or products to advertise. Please, if you haven’t already, do so. After that, construct a ‘landing page‘ that pre-sells the product.

This is an absolute must-do. Bring out the three most important benefits of the product on this page (which should be kept short) and include an opt-in form. If you’re offering a dog training product, you may include details such as

  • With this’secret’ obedience model, you can teach your dog up to ten new skills per day in just 5 minutes.
  • Potty training that works every time! There will be no more filthy and soiled furniture!
  • Your friends will be amazed and perplexed as to how you managed to teach your dog to such obedience (not to mention tricks) in just a few days!

These are, of course, just a few samples of what you may include on your landing page. I’m sure you can think of many more superior ones. Remember to include an opt-in box that, once clicked, redirects them to the sales page.

This is the gist of the’secret.’ Begin writing articles and submitting them to as many article directories as possible. I would recommend writing an article every day and mass-submitting it so that you have roughly 30 articles each month. In the author resource section, include a link to your landing website.

If you keep this up, you’ll have a regular stream of traffic and sales. Set your articles to be displayed to them on your auto-responder, and the fun begins.

At the end of each article, you can promote other dog training-related items.

There is no further effort required; simply put the articles you’ve already written into the auto responder, and your prospects will be exposed to your quality content and offers repeatedly!

This is a simple approach to build a highly focused list and get consistent Clickbank sales!

Making Money With Clickbank

To make money with Clickbank, you must follow the same principle as any other successful business.

To begin, you must have a strong product that people want and design a funnel to convert the visitors. Then you develop your traffic, optimise your funnel, and scale the whole thing once you know you’re profitable (i.e. you convert $ more than you invest).

On paper, it appears simple, yet few individuals make the effort to get it correctly. 90% of affiliate revenues are generated by 10% of affiliates, so do your best work.

How to Choose the Best Product to Promote

One of the best methods to make money with Clickbank is to start as an affiliate, advertising pre-optimized sites to develop your sales funnels.

Choosing the correct product to promote on ClickBank is critical, much like keyword research for SEO. You will not make much money if you send people to a sales page that does not sell, no matter how skilled you are at advertising.

What Is An Excellent Product To Promote?

Screening offers is an important component of understanding how to make money using Clickbank. When screening offers to advertise, we search for the following characteristics:

Low-cost initial offer with up to three upsell opportunities Video sales pages and “native” sales pages (pages that feel like content)
Products with positive online feedback (few refunds = more money and less list weariness)
Gravity greater than 20 (means that the page converts fairly well)Protected by Copyscape

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