The Top 10 Free Traffic Sources for Clickbank Products

Today we will look at The Top 10 Free Traffic Sources for Clickbank Products. Are you struggling to make your first sale as an affiliate on Clickbank and don’t want to spend any money on advertisements?

If this describes you, you’ve come to the correct spot because I’m going to show you 10 legitimate techniques to attract traffic and targeted consumers to advertise Clickbank products or offers for free without spending a thing on ads.

These free traffic sources are excellent for driving repeat visitors to your affiliate offer and earning affiliate commissions on autopilot.

While the majority of these free traffic sources for promoting ClickBank items or offers take time to show results, others are as quick as paid advertising.

As it is critical that you understand what you are getting into, I would like to list the benefits and drawbacks of employing free traffic over paid advertising and vice versa.

1 – Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer website where users can ask questions and answer others’ inquiries. Quora has the power to appear on the first page of Google search results more than four times out of every ten question-based queries.

This is because it has a large number of users and hundreds of user-generated contents every hour. It would be a waste of time to tell you that there is a tremendous amount of traffic available on the Quora platform.

So, if you want to promote your Clickbank products or services using free traffic from Quora, this is how you do it.

2 – Facebook Targeted Niche Groups

Facebook is a popular internet platform for both paid and free traffic.

Indeed, if you know how, you may advertise Clickbank items or offers to obtain as much free traffic as you would need to break the leaderboard of any product launch from Facebook alone.

So, how does this work? I’ll explain. Because Facebook is a generic social media platform, advertising your deals on your timeline would be a waste of time.

Using specialist targeted groups is the best way to go.

For example, if I want to advertise digital products related to search engine optimization, all I need to do is create Facebook groups for people who are explicitly interested in search engine optimization, such as bloggers and internet marketers.

I normally recommend doing three of these groups on average.

Following that, I establish my reputation by offering value in the form of answers to inquiries and uploading relevant content for free with no upsells (at least not that they can see).

The primary goal of delivering value is to get people to know and trust you to some extent. Once you’ve established a reasonable level of authority in the group, you can begin promoting various items to them via a content-based approach.

For example, you can’t go go to a group and write anything more akin to sales material; most moderators would flag it as spam, and your reputation would suffer as a result. So it is advisable to concentrate on a problem and fix it with lengthy content before recommending your clickbank products beneath it.

So, if I want to sell a YouTube keyword research tool, I can write a lengthy essay on how to rank on YouTube and then mention the tool beneath it (which is my clickbank affiliate product).

Avoid spamming the groups; the fewer frequently you promote to them and provide value, the more they will trust you.

3 – Medium

Medium is a free blogging platform that allows you to publish articles or stories.

The platform has a very good reputation on Google’s search algorithm, and if your post is exceptional, you should rank high on the search engine result pages, also known as SERPs, very soon.

You can write on a number of topics relating to your specialty to sell your clickbank products using free traffic from medium. This could include anything from how-to guides to product reviews to promote Clickbank products.

You would be leveraging the medium platform’s authority to rank high in search engines and drive free SEO traffic to your Clickbank items.

Pinterest is number four.

Pinterest is another excellent source of free traffic for internet marketers. Pinterest is my preferred traffic source because it has assisted me in generating a large number of purchases online. You can use Pinterest to bring tons of visitors to your Clickbank sales offer whenever you want for free.

Create a Pinterest business account and a board to communicate with other users and post interesting photographs, primarily charts and infographics relating to your niche.

Implementing the finest Pinterest SEO technique, such as optimizing your title and pin description, as well as using the appropriate tags with your pinned photo, will ensure that they appear for your target audience.

Pinterest has a significant edge over other social media platforms in that it is an image search engine, and practically all of its users are from the United States. Pinterest is so effective that Neil Patel utilizes it on a daily basis to drive over 10,000 visitors to his blog.

5 – Twitter Hashtags that are Niche Targeted

Content is king in the realm of internet marketing. But how can you get your information in front of the correct people? It is quite direct on Twitter. Utilize hashtags.

You can generate amazing content related to your Clickbank items and add links to your landing page; but, keep in mind that the more value your material provides, the more likely people are to click on your link.

You can then use hot hashtags relating to your niche to get them in front of your target audience.

Before you can make your first transaction, you must have a large number of Twitter followers. Use this method to increase sales of your affiliate items or services. To increase sales by promoting Clickbank items on Twitter with any number of followers,

You only need to search particular keywords like “I need money” or “I want to lose weight” and respond to their tweets about the items you’re marketing. Those keywords are extremely targeted to an audience in need of assistance and seeking solutions to their difficulties.

6 – LinkedIn Targeted Niche Groups

LinkedIn is one of the most controlled social networking platforms, with a large number of people who know what they’re doing. These are experts in their fields, and the vast majority of them have the purchasing power to purchase your clickbank items.

To begin, consider creating a professional LinkedIn profile and connecting with people in your niche. Promoting your products in various relevant LinkedIn groups is an efficient strategy to advertise clickbank products or offers on LinkedIn.

Do you know that LinkedIn, like Facebook, includes groups? It’s time to get your items viewed by many people on LinkedIn groups because the groups consist of experts from various niches.

7 – Instagram Influencer

Using Instagram influencers to advertise your Clickbank product is more like bought traffic, but it is much less expensive and may deliver immersive results. In exchange for the promotion, most people provide the influencer a free sample of the product or a yearly subscription (if the product is subscription-based).

This entails collaborating with an Instagram influencer (an Instagram user with a large number of committed followers) to promote your goods to his audience on a mutually beneficial basis. If you have to pay money, it is no longer free traffic, as said, but you should know that offering financial rewards expedites the process.

8 – TikTok

TikTok is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing video sharing services, and his lively nature has made him incredibly popular throughout the world. Without a doubt, TikTok receives billions of video views each month from millions of people on the platform and on other platforms.

So, do you want to learn how you may acquire a free part of their traffic to advertise your ClickBank product?

Let me show you three of the most effective methods.

1 – Collaboration With Content Creators And Influencers
Creating material for your TikTok clickbank product may be too expensive for a single entrepreneur, so you may collaborate with folks who currently make videos as a side hustle or for a profession.

In exchange for a free sample of your product, they will advertise your Clickbank product to their audience.

2 – Think about going live on TikTok.
If you already have followers on the TikTok platform, you might consider presenting a free live webinar on the site.

To raise awareness of your Clickbank product, host a product review webinar or a product launch webinar.

3 – Include a link to your product in your bio.
On all of your social media channels, your bio is the first place people interact with you.

Adding your Clickbank product link to your TikTok bio can bring visitors to your product page indefinitely.

If you create a tik Tok account today, you will not be able to add a link to your profile. But don’t give up; this small hack will assist you.

Simply follow these procedures to join the TikTok tester program:

Navigate to your TikTok profile.
In the top right corner, tap the three dots.
Scroll to the bottom and click “Join TikTok Testers.”
Tap “TestFlight” to open the App Store and download it.
Tap “Start Testing” to get the latest TikTok version.
Relaunch your TikTok profile.
Select “Edit Profile.”
Fill in the “Website” field with your link.

Google Sites is number nine.

If you search the web frequently, you will come across some web pages with the domain These pages are hosted by Google and have a strong possibility of ranking for low-competition keywords.

This highly SEO responsive chance can be used to bring free traffic to your Clickbank items. Write reviews and answer questions with a moderate search volume, and you’ll be generating traffic in no time.

To locate easy-to-rank keywords, you can use numerous up-to-date SEO data tools such as ahrefs and SEMRUSH. This strategy converts extremely well to sales because Google sites have a high Domain Authority and can rank your content faster than your own website, assuming you have one.

10 – Reddit

Another passive technique to generate free actual buyer traffic to your Clickbank product is through Reddit. If used correctly, Reddit has the potential to give you with a large amount of free consumer traffic.

I had no idea what Reddit was a few months ago, and I’m sure there are many of you reading this right now who have never taken the effort to learn how it works despite hearing about it.

Reddit is a website with a vast community of people looking for and sharing information to help them scale their online and offline companies.

The Most Effective Ways to Promote Clickbank Products or Offers

You now have free traffic sources at your disposal to promote your Clickbank items. It is critical that you do not make the error of attempting to tap traffic from all of them.

Instead, concentrate on one of the traffic sources where your potential buyers are most active and absolutely dominate it. You can also direct the free visitors to your opt-in page, where you can collect email addresses and promote to them at any time.

I hope you enjoyed my article on The Top 10 Free Traffic Sources for Clickbank Products.

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