Top Clickbank Products That Make You Money in 2022

Everyone wants to know the Top Clickbank Products That Make You Money in 2022. Knowing which things to market is critical. In this essay, I will discuss the top selling Clickbank items in 2022, as well as how you can start promoting yourself at any moment.

After employing the strategies outlined in How to Choose a Clickbank Product, I discovered some fantastic goods that you can begin promoting immediately to make your commissions.

Ikaria Lean Belly Juice No. 1
Dietary Supplements is a category.
ClickBank lbjuice is a nickname.

The supplement contains a variety of natural fat-burning substances, including resveratrol, citrus pectin, and fucoxanthin. It also has a novel mechanism for helping weight loss: it increases healthy uric acid levels.

This offer is still new enough that there aren’t many affiliate resources available, but it’s worth getting started with Ikaria Lean Belly Juice before it becomes oversaturated! To get started, go to their landing page and send them an email!

Offering CPA = Inquire About It

EPC = $1.53 APV = $140.51
The starting commission is 75%.
Page of Affiliate Tools = n/a
Contact the vendor at

LeanBiome 2
Health and Fitness is a category.
ClickBank leanbiome

As an affiliate, you may expect a generous 75 percent commission on front-end sales and a 65 percent commission on all upsells. The product’s sales page has a VSL in the style of Hollywood, and the upsell funnel is also targeted for maximum conversions.

Do you want to give LeanBiome a shot? Simply visit their tools page or contact them for additional information!

Starting Commission = 75% EPC = $1.45 APV = $138.40
Vendor Contact = Affiliate Tools Page =

Teaburn is number three.
ClickBank Category: Dietary Supplements Teaburn is a nickname.

Teaburn has slipped slightly from first place in recent months, although it still has a high EPC and conversion rate. Surprisingly, the product offers an additional virtue that has helped it stand out in the market: it neutralizes the teeth-staining tannins found in tea.

Teaburn has now entered the mainstream, but it still performs well, so give it a try now!

Offering CPA = Inquire about it.

EPC = $1.48 APV = $116.63
The starting commission is 75%. = Affiliate Tools Page
Contact the vendor at

Slim Crystal 4
ClickBank Category: Diets & Weight Loss Slimcrystal is a nickname.

Here’s another deal that debuted on our trending deals and quickly rose to the top of the top items list. This one has maintained a strong position.

But what precisely is it? Slim Crystal is essentially a tall water bottle with natural crystals supposed to invigorate the body. Water laced with slimming stones can aid in weight loss and mood enhancement.

The EPC is quite high here, and the average payment is still in the triple digits, so there’s a lot to appreciate about this one. Best of all, Slim Crystal is a truly one-of-a-kind offer that may stand out in this crowded market. If you’d like to promote Slim Crystal, use the links below to contact their affiliate management team!

EPC = $1.92 \sAPV = $101.67
Starting commission is 60%.
Vendor Contact = Affiliate Tools Page =

5 – All Slim Tea ClickBank Category: Dietary Supplements allslimtea’s nickname

Customers of All Slim Tea have a variety of alternatives, including a Morning Tea to aid digestion and enhance energy levels during the day, as well as an Evening Tea to detoxify and promote better sleep throughout the night.

All Slim Tea has the greatest EPC on our list, as well as a fantastic conversion rate of just under 2%, so you may promote it with confidence. (Please keep in mind that the product is only accessible in the United States.)

See how All Slim Tea fares in front of your audience!

Offering CPA = Inquire about it.

EPC = $2.05 APV = $115.81
Commission at the start is 60%.
Vendor Contact = Affiliate Tools Page =

6 – Blueprint for Female Vitality
ClickBank Category: Women’s Health Alexfvb is a nickname.

Female Vitality Blueprint is a “sexy” new service aimed towards women aged 30 and up. It’s an at-home video system designed to strengthen vaginal muscles, intensify orgasms, and improve sexual desire — and it even includes some modest workouts to help.

If you apply, you will receive a whopping 90% commission on BOTH the first products and all upsells. Female Vitality Blueprint is an excellent choice for any affiliate in the sex, dating/relationship, or women’s health niches, with a low refund rate and solid conversions.

Learn more about it by reading on!

Offering CPA = Inquire about it.

EPC = $1.60 APV = $55.54
The starting commission is 75%.
Page of Affiliate Tools =
Contact the vendor at

7 – Hydrossential ClickBank Category: Beauty hydrossent

The aim behind Hydroessential as a beauty serum is to assist the skin self-moisturize. This might apply to almost any demographic, but in fact, it works best with women aged 40 and up. It also touches on alternative health, natural cures, and skin tightening.

The best part for affiliates is that Hydroessential has a highly professional VSL with several video-intro options to assist maximize your results. Just keep in mind that you must apply in order to promote Hydroessential. Begin by contacting them using the information provided below!

Offering CPA = Inquire About It

EPC = $1.78 APV = $102.72
Beginning Commission = 65%
The Affiliate Tools Page can be found at
Contact the vendor at

Category: Exercise & Fitness 8 – Hyperbolic Stretching
ClickBank hypstretch is a nickname.

While many of the health items featured here are new, Hyperbolic Stretching is an oldie but a goodie.

Do you require proof? While most products on this list have conversion rates of between 1 and 2 percent, Hyperbolic Stretching presently has a conversion rate of approximately 5.5 percent! That type of success does not happen unless the sales page is optimized and the product is of high quality.

The only issue is that you must be approved to advertise this one, and they only allow a limited amount of affiliates to market it at one time. However, if approved, you can literally mint your own money with a proven offer that includes unique funnels for male and female audiences at a reasonable fee.

Are you qualified to become a Hypstretch affiliate? Discover more by reading on!

EPC = $1.13 APV = $20.87
The starting commission is 75%.
Vendor Contact: Affiliate Tools Page = n/a

Purelife Organics is number nine.
Dietary Supplements is a category.
ClickBank Alphasupps is a nickname.

Purelife Organics is a one-of-a-kind online supplement firm, with four separate products to promote: Pure Neuro for brain optimization, Flat Belly Tea for metabolism support, Sleep Slim Tea for deep sleep recovery, and Gluco Control for blood sugar control.

All of these goods are intended to have a high order value, but the most recent Pure Neuro is a blockbuster offer with some extraordinary stats, including a self-reported EPC of up to $7 with email traffic and conversion rates of up to 3% on social and native.

On the Purelife Organics affiliate resources page, you can see all of these different deals and get the tracking links to promote them!

Starting Commission = 75% EPC = $1.71 APV = $106.38
Vendor Contact = Affiliate Tools Page =

10 – Quietum Plus ClickBank Category: Dietary Supplements quietplus is a nickname.

Well… Quietum Plus, unlike most health and fitness offerings we see, has nothing to do with weight loss. Instead, it’s all about hearing health, which is a novel viewpoint in this market that may appeal to your target demographic.

The mixture includes Yam, Fenugreek, Dong Quai, L-Tyrosine, Motherwort, Black Cohosh Oat Grass, Pacific Kelp, Blessed Thistle, and Hops Extract.

Quietum Plus performs particularly well via email, and it is available to anyone who wishes to market it. To get started, look for the nickname “quietplus” in ClickBank’s marketplace or contact them!

EPC = $1.16 APV = $107.23
Beginning Commission = 65%
Page of Affiliate Tools = n/a
Contact the vendor at

How to Make Seven Figures a Year Without Leaving Your House

People have been interested in earning a living online since the introduction of the Internet. This theory has developed in prominence as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic-caused lockdowns. But how can you start earning a living from home without putting all of your assets at risk or going into debt to do so?

Nowadays, there are numerous ways to make a living online, ranging from freelance work to full-time remote roles to establishing your own Etsy store or selling things on Amazon. I could probably name 100 various methods to make money online, but the one I usually recommend is affiliate marketing.

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common, but frequently misunderstood, methods of starting an online business from scratch with little to no initial investment.

Affiliate marketing is simply the process of selling someone else’s products in order to earn a commission. That’s all.

How Does It Work?

The procedure of generating money with affiliate marketing is rather straightforward. Simply choose a product to promote, drive targeted traffic to the product’s sales page, and then collect your commissions on any sales.

There are numerous affiliate networks where you can simply locate things to advertise and earn commissions. ClickBank ( is one I usually recommend because it’s simple to get approved, there are a plethora of various items to advertise, and the most of the products pay out a sizable commission.

So the question becomes, “How does one generate targeted traffic?”

There are numerous options. Facebook advertisements, YouTube ads, SEO, native ads, social media posts, and so on are among the most popular.

However, there is a proper way and a wrong way to succeed with affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, most individuals do it incorrectly.

The Incorrect Way

Many inexperienced affiliates will locate an offer to promote, send traffic to that offer, and occasionally generate a few purchases and earn some commissions. That technique CAN work out sometimes if you discover the perfect offer and acquire enough traffic cheaply.

The difficulty with that technique is that it is “one and done.” You pay for traffic, make a few sales, and then repeat the process. But what if the deal no longer generates the same amount of sales? What happens if your traffic costs rise?

Finding the correct product and obtaining inexpensive enough traffic to earn a profit is difficult enough in and of itself. Even if you are fortunate enough to make it happen, it will not endure.

But don’t be concerned. There is an alternative.

The Correct Way

Don’t direct your traffic to an affiliate offer.

You should invest your traffic money in creating an asset that you own. Invest in expanding your Instagram page, YouTube channel, or my personal favorite… A mailing list.

When you create your own asset, such as an email list, you may utilize it over and over to drive traffic to fresh offerings. This is the trade secret that all professional affiliate marketers already know.


There is an expert affiliate marketer that has earned seven figures per year since 2010 by following a simple technique that anyone can use to establish their own assets and begin earning regular, sustainable income through affiliate marketing.

I hope you enjoyed my article on Top Clickbank Products That Make You Money in 2022.

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